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2.5 hours of in‐depth training with two of the world’s leading RKC    
 Delaine Ross, RKC Team Leader,    
  earned her RKC in 2006, winning the technique challenge.    
  In 2010 she was promoted to Team Leader in recognition of her understanding and knowledge of the RKC system. Her new DVD    
  Kettlebells for the Busy Professional    

teaches you how to:    

  •  Increase cardiovascular health.    

  •  Gain REAL strength that you can use every day.    

  •  Regain lost mobility from sitting at a desk all day.   

Andrew Read, RKC Team Leader,    
  has quickly become a standout in the RKC community. Completing the RKC in 2009 he has gone onto be promoted to Team Leader in record time.    
  His writing can be found on his award winning blog at    
   which delves deeply into the use of the FMS and RKC systems and how to combine them to deliver massive performance and strength gains.    
In this one time, never before done seminar these two rising stars of the RKC community will show you the hidden benefits of the two most fundamental, yet under utilized RKC movements    
  and the    
Get Up.    

Make no mistake to  –“do the move” correctly is difficult, but the payoff  is enormous.    

Learn how to:    

  •  Find the hidden power locked in the Swing and the one thing that you’re doing to prevent it!

  •  Use the Swing for strength, power, speed, fat loss, or fitnessone exercise to rule them all.    

  • Build power in your Swing without doing Swings!    

  •  Properly execute the Get Up and discover it’s nine different functional movement benefits.    

  •  Unlock the hidden treasure of the Get Up and how to use that knowledge to become instantly stronger.

  • Recognize how the FMS system ties into the Get Up and how to use both to create a sum greater than it’s parts!    

Early Bird Special :
Book before October 10th and SAVE $20!    
  Only $60.    
Full price $80.    

For bookings contact    



November 10th, 2011    
  Pro Fitness Training  


The Movement Summit: A Review from a Genius!


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This is a post written by Dr. Mike T Nelson – A founding member of THE MOVEMENT and overall performance genius!

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“An open letter to members of THE MOVEMENT” – Frankie Faires

It’s been a while since my last post….been a little occupied with setting up my own training facility.  But, people need to learn a little more about THE MOVEMENT!

This is a great article written by Frankie Faires (one of the geniuses and founders of THE MOVEMENT).



Kurt Hartmann Reviews Gym Movement


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Wow, I hate being on camera.

Act now, Grip N’ Rip 2.0 DVD!!!!

Grip N’ Rip 2.0 DVD is available!!!!

Grip N’ Rip 2.0 was the most beneficial workshop I’ve attended thus far! Everyone who attended this seminar has been shattering personal records (PR(S))since implementing the programming that was taught during this mind blowing workshop. I was there to experience it first hand and I’m still ordering this DVD.

Get Better, TODAY!!!

If you want to get faster, stronger, or Better today, you need this DVD.

Are you?

  • Sick of not seeing results?

  • Stuck at a plateau with your current training program?

  • Tired of breaking yourself for minimal gains?

  • Bored with your current training regimen?

  • Looking to make steady improvements everyday/every time you enter the gym?

I know you answered yes to at least one of these questions!!!

What is on the Grip n Rip DVD?

  • Part 1 – Bio Feedback Programming (54 Minutes)
  • Part 2 – Fat Loss & Physique Transformation (29 Minutes)
  • Part 3 – Secrets of The Deadlift (31 Minutes)
  • Part 4 – The Secrets Of Pressing (34 Minutes)
  • Part 5 – The Truth About Grip Training (13 Minutes)

The Grip n Rip DVD is focused solely on how to use biofeedback testing. This testing will give you much better results and you’ll set and break a PR every time you enter the gym. Biofeedback teaches you to listen to your body and determines what exercises are the most suitable for you at that specific moment.

This is your chance to purchase. Act now and CLICK HERE if you are serious about making the fastest possible gains with your fitness program.

Getting Better Everyday: An Interview With BioMech Candidate, Martial Artist Kurt Hartmann

I was recently interviewed by Professional strongman, owner of Unbreakable Fitness Adam T. Glass

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Adam: Kurt, its a pleasure to get some time to talk with you. My first question for you, what is your athletic background?

Kurt: Martial Arts: 2nd Dan Blackbelt Taekwondo (11+ Years), Brazilian Jiu – Jitsu (BJJ) practitioner

ATG: and your academic background?

KH: A.A.S. Health & Fitness Specialist w/ Honors, NSCA-CPT and RKC

ATG: Did you find college prepares you for success as a personal trainer?

KH: In some ways…Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, etc… College helps provide the knowledge base, but doesn’t prepare you for the day-to-day encounters and responsibilities. Put simply, I’ve learned more from working under B-Rad (Brad Nelson, Senior RKC Kettlebell Instructor) than I did in school.

ATG: How long have you been a trainer?

KH: 6+Years

ATG: Can you tell everyone where are you working?

KH: Kinetic Edge Performance in Woodbury, Minnesota.

ATG: Who are you working with?

KH: Brad Nelson & more individuals/clients than I can count.(Note, Brad and Kurt currently see over 140 people a day!)

ATG: Tell me about your client’s goals at your studio?

KH: We see a little of everything; weight loss, strength, performance, endurance, they mainly just want to make improvements on their movements and improve their overall health & daily activities.

ATG: What has that experience been like?

KH: Amazing! I’m still learning and still progressing; to me that’s what it’s all about.

ATG: How did you hear about Gym Movement and Biofeedback?

I originally heard about it through you and Brad when I attended the Grip N’ Rip 2.0 Seminar. Grip N’ Rip was an eye opening experience that has changed the way I train and has helped me and my clients achieve & further many of our training goals.

ATG: Thanks Kurt. How long have you been using it?

KH: I’ve been implementing it into my training since Grip N’ Rip (February 6th, 2010).

ATG: Tell me about your physical results before implementing GM / BF.

KH: Slow progress, hard work, and much more time spent in the gym. Breaking myself trying to get better.

ATG: What have your results been since you have fully immersed yourself in the GM protocol?

KH: Steady improvements with each & every workout. I’ve set a PR during every training session since I’ve started and so have the clients that I implement the training with. I get better with every session without having to break myself and stagger my progress. It’s amazing what happens when you actually listen to what your body is telling you. I’ve experienced much greater gains and fewer pains.

ATG: You were recently able to sit in on a marathon educational “summit” taught by the core MOVEMENT cadre. As a newer trainer, what did you think about the information being presented?

KH: 2 words – Ground Breaking. Every trainer/coach should know this stuff. It was inspirational and motivating.

ATG: How did it compare to your academic education?

KH: It blew it out of the water. Being able to sit in and converse with all of the trainers there took my education to a whole new level. I got the pleasure of meeting and picking the brains of some of the world’s top trainers and leading men in their fields.

ATG: The core of the information covered related to physique transformation, performance enhancement and pain relief. How much better prepared do you feel to address physique, performance and pain issues now?

KH: 10x better. I had a good understanding before, but this type of protocol has taken my knowledge to a much higher level. I feel confident that I can help anyone reach their goals, no matter what they are (weight loss, strength, feats of strength, performance, etc…).

ATG: With everything you have learned and experienced, will you recommend this education to other trainers?

KH: Without a doubt. I already have been. Most of the trainers I know have already been asking what I’ve been doing. They see the progress my clients & I have been making and they want to know how to do it as well.

ATG: You have a shared passion with one of THE MOVEMENT’S teachers, Frankie. What is that?

KH: Martial Arts; more specifically BJJ.

ATG: You got to roll with Frankie. Is his performance in line with what he teaches?

KH: Most definitely, his understanding of bodily movement & function is top notch. I’ve got some work to do.

ATG: Frankie broke down how to practice BJJ and what to practice in BJJ, How has that compared with other BJJ education you have received?

KH: It ranks up there very high. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the opportunity to roll with him again soon. I look forward to learning more from the man.

ATG: Did you implement what he taught you?

KH: Yes, I try to every time I roll. Some of my old habits are hard to break, but they will be broken.

ATG: What have been your results?

KH: So far, so good. I feel like I’m getting better every time I get on the mat.

ATG: Kurt, Thanks for taking the time to do the interview. You’re going to be a trainer to watch. We will watch your career with great interest.

Kurt Hartmann is a Movement Biomechanics Coach candidate and trainer at Kinetic Edge Performance, Minnesota’s leading fat loss & physique transformation studio. You can reach him at kurt@radbootcamp.com for both private and group training.

Grip & Rip DVD!!!

Grip & Rip 2.0 was easily one of the most informative workshops I’ve ever attended, and now others have a chance to learn what it was all about. The information is priceless and has completely changed the way that myself and many others train. Do you want to set a Personal Record (PR) every day? Are you interested in learning how to use and apply the most advanced training system on Earth? There will be limited copies of the Grip & Rip DVD made available, so sign up to be sure you’re on the list and score a free bonus. http://www.grip-rip.com/. Fill out the form on the link and be on your way to constant PRs.