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Jack Lalanne – 10 Point Plan

As many of you may know, I’m a big Jack Lalanne fan.  Here is a great video, packed with sound advice.  Enjoy!


New Years Resolutions

Every year people come up with something they’re going to do different this year.  Either they want to give something unhealthy up or they want to achieve some goal(s). 

If you’re like most people, you have a “make-‘em-and-break-‘em” attitude toward your New Year’s resolutions.  You have noble intentions, you believe you will make more time for yourself this year, and lose that weight, exercise more, and give up those bad habits.  No more laying around and being lazy for you, 2012 is the year when you will accomplish it all!

Sadly, a good percentage of people give up their resolutions before truly giving them a chance, pushing their resolutions aside and falling back into old habits without putting in the effort and seeing results.

The key to success is specific and attainable goals! If the goals aren’t realistic, then you can never truly believe in them or obtain them.  The only good resolution I can think of is… giving up excuses!  Excuses are the start of bad habits and take you down the wrong path.

Make 2012 the best year of your life by giving up excuses and putting in the time and effort to succeed, you’ll be happy you did, I promise.   We all have more time than we think.  Get organized and stay focused. 

Elevating your fitness levels = Elevating yourself to new heights!


Stay Motivated

Before we discuss motivation, let’s get explain the definition.

Motivation:  the desire to do things.

It’s the difference between waking up before dawn to put in work and laying around the house all day. It’s the crucial element in setting and attaining goals—and research shows you can influence your own levels of motivation and self-control. So figure out what you want, rid yourself of the non-sense, and start being who you want to be.

We’ve all experienced a lack of motivation at one time or another, but it’s important to realize that we are in control!  Motivation is a feeling, not an object that we either have or don’t.  Feeling motivated is a matter of choice(s).  We either choose to sit around or choose to be productive.

Some of us need a fire lit under our a**, while others light their own fire.  Keep in mind results don’t come from doing nothing.  Attaining what you want to achieve requires effort and time (work). Keep Moving Forward.

At Pro Fitness, all you have to do is show up.  I’ll take care of the rest!

Train Smart!



Stay Away From The TV!

“The average American television viewer is watching more than 151 hours of television per month…20% of their day!”   -According to www.nielsen.com

This blew my mind when I first came across this information, what a colossal waste of time! And that doesn’t even include how much time is being spent in front of a computer. We sit around stuffing our faces watching mindless show after mindless show and continue to get brainwashed by advertising.

Bottom line is TV is rotting our brains and our bodies!

It’s making us:

  • Fat
  • Lazy
  • Sad
  • Stupid

The solution = Limit your screen time.

I’m not saying completely get rid of your TV, but at the very least cut back.  There are so many other things you could be doing with your time.  Especially in America, where obesity has become an epidemic.  Productivity has been on a steady decline since the advancements in television, this needs to change!

Limiting the amount time spent in front of the “idiot box” will improve and lengthen your life.  Studies have shown:

– People who see an ad advertising snacks, eat more snacks immediately after seeing the ad.  Advertising is created and designed to hit you at a subconscious level, you won’t even think about what you’re doing.  You’re being brainwashed.

– Unhappy people watch more television.  TV pushes aside activities that promote happiness; things like being with friends & family, and Exercising.

Train Smart!



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Too Much Exercise?

There is such a thing as over training!  However, if you pay attention to the signals that your body gives you, you can train and make progress everyday!  But, just in case you can’t pick up on the signals your body is giving you, here is a list of warning signs that you might be exercising too much…..

  • Decrease in Performance

This is a bad sign of overload!  Athletes from all sports can relate to this and need to learn to avoid it.

  • Insomnia

Your body will become restless and prevent you from getting your much needed rest and recovery.

  • Longer Recovery Time

A sign that you’re not giving your body enough time to rebuild and repair the damage that you’ve done to it.

  • Mood Swings

You release the same hormones when you’re emotionally stressed and physically overloaded. Stay away from the emotional roller coaster!

  • Increase in Fatigue

Mental and physical fatigue can be a sign of over training, it’s important to know your limits.  Shy away from training to failure, in most cases it does more damage than good.

  • Elevated Resting Heart Rate (RHR)

An increase in your normal resting heart rate, could indicate that you’re placing excessive stress on your body.

  • Lack of Interest in Exercise

A decrease in motivation or overall enjoyment of the activity can be a major sign of burnout. This more often occurs in weight lifters, sprinters or soccer players who are driven by speed and power.

  • Weakened Immune System –

Never a good thing.  This makes you much more apt to become sick or injured.  One of the best things about proper training is building a stronger healthier body (which includes your immune system).

  • Fat Gain

If you’ve lost weight but noticed an increase in body fat, something is definitely not right!  You should never go backwards in your training!

  • Loss of Appetite

This typically occurs in the mid – late stages of over training, and is very closely connected with fatigue.  When you slow down bodily processes like metabolism, the body attempts to force a reduction in its workload by forcing you to reduce what you’re doing.

Just a little something I had on my mind today.  Hope this helps. 

Train Smart & Listen To Your Body!

Get Moving!

The benefits of regular exercise cannot be overstated. It is now generally accepted knowledge that even moderate physical activity performed regularly improves the health and well-being of all individuals. Despite this knowledge, studies show that more than 60% of American adults are not regularly active and that an astonishing 25% of adults are not active at all.

How Exercise Impacts Health

Lack of physical activity combined with poor diet is the second largest underlying cause of death in the United States. Studies show that even the most inactive people can gain significant health benefits if they spend 30 minutes or more exercising each day.

Daily physical activity can help prevent heart disease and stroke by strengthening the heart muscle, lowering blood pressure, raising the levels of good cholesterol, lowering bad cholesterol, improving blood flow, increasing the heart’s working capacity and efficiency.

By increasing muscle strength and endurance and improving flexibility and posture, regular exercise helps to prevent back pain and many injuries. Regular resistance training exercise promotes bone formation and may prevent many forms of bone loss associated with aging.

Regular physical activity, combined with healthy eating habits, is considered the most efficient and healthful way to control weight and overall bodily function. Regular exercise uses excess calories that otherwise would be stored as fat. By reducing body fat, physical activity helps prevent obesity and may help to prevent and control noninsulin-dependent diabetes. It also builds and preserves muscle mass, and improves the body’s ability to use and burn calories.

Studies on the psychological effects of exercise have found that regular physical activity can improve your mood and confidence. Researchers also have found that exercise is likely to reduce depression and anxiety and help you to better manage stress.

Anyone and everyone can and should exercise! You will see the benefits almost immediately, as you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, and feel better overall.  Exercise will also have a positive impact on your lifestyle.  It will open up opportunities for your career as well.

Whatever you decide, make physical activity a part of your everyday life.

I will get you in the best shape of your life!

Click the link below and start today!