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The Safe Way to Splits

The Safe Way to Splits


Super Stretches! + Workout Challenge

Building Bridges

Jack Lalanne – 10 Point Plan

As many of you may know, I’m a big Jack Lalanne fan.  Here is a great video, packed with sound advice.  Enjoy!

Keep a Training Log!

Review – Maggie K

Maggie is truly an inspiring woman.  She makes progress every single time she steps foot in the gym! When I asked her to do a testimonial, I never expected this.  She had my jaw open and feeling blessed.  Enjoy.

Thank you Maggie!

Goal Setting

setting goals for your exercise program help you stay on track! 

  • set up your calendar to work out.  Make working out part of your regular schedule!

  • Establish long-term goals!

  • Make your goals specific and measurable.  Keep a training log!  Track everything (weights, reps, sets, time,etc…).

  • Make your goals attainable and realistic.

  • Make your goals relevant to living a healthier, longer life.  Focus on making daily improvements, get better everyday!

  • Set realistic time frames for achieving your goals.  Success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and effort.

  • train smart!