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The Safe Way to Splits

The Safe Way to Splits


Super Stretches! + Workout Challenge

Greg Nelson’s 7 “D’s” Of Success

Greg is easily one of the most inspirational people I’ve had the pleasure to train under.  Here is a great video that helps explain why he’s so successful and how you can be too!

Building Bridges

Jack Lalanne – 10 Point Plan

As many of you may know, I’m a big Jack Lalanne fan.  Here is a great video, packed with sound advice.  Enjoy!

Keep a Training Log!

Don’t Believe The Hype

More Sweat = Better Workout -> False

Lie you’ve been told: Heated workouts are better for you because they cause you to burn more calories.

Fact: Sweating more might make you think you’re working harder, but in order to burn more calories and fat, your muscles have to put out more effort.  The benefits happen to be more psychological than physical; Sorry Bikrams.

When the scale says you’ve dropped a few pounds after a serious sweat session, it’s just water weight.  As soon as you drink something, you replace the water weight.  Just ask any wrestler or martial artist whose had to cut weight for competition.

Sweating due to the intensity of your workout is one thing, but adding external heat sources in order to burn more calories is completely unnecessary!

Women: Lift Light Weights To Tone Up

Lie you’ve been told: To avoid bulking up, do a lot of reps with light weights.

Fact: Most women don’t have the hormones (testosterone) or the muscle mass needed to get really big bulky muscles.  The women that look like body builders have tried to do that to themselves (steroids and testosterone boosters).

Don’t shy away from lifting  heavier weights that challenge you!

You will firm and tighten all around.  Your new found muscles will increase the rate of your fat loss.
Incorporate heavy weight lifting into your workout routines.  Always practice proper & safe lifting form and technique. If you’re not sure how to perform a certain move, ask a professional.


Lies you’ve been told: For abs, you should work them everyday & crunches are the best for shedding fat around your mid section.

Facts:  While ab specific exercises have their benefits, there is no need to perform them everyday.

You can’t spot reduce fat in any other part of your body. The only way to truly lose belly fat is by reducing overall body fat!

Focus on total-body moves that work multiple muscle groups at once; Deadlifts, hanging leg raises, etc..

The “Fat-Burning” Zone Is The Best For Weight Loss

Lie you’ve been told: The “fat-burning zone” is where you should get your heart rate to burn the most fat.

Fact:  You burn more more fat & calories by exercising harder. “Cardio” workouts can be extremely time consuming.  You need to train with some resistance, even if it’s your own body weight!  To burn the most fat, create a well-rounded workout schedule that mixes strength training and “cardio.”