Monthly Archives: January 2012

New Years Resolutions

Every year people come up with something they’re going to do different this year.  Either they want to give something unhealthy up or they want to achieve some goal(s). 

If you’re like most people, you have a “make-‘em-and-break-‘em” attitude toward your New Year’s resolutions.  You have noble intentions, you believe you will make more time for yourself this year, and lose that weight, exercise more, and give up those bad habits.  No more laying around and being lazy for you, 2012 is the year when you will accomplish it all!

Sadly, a good percentage of people give up their resolutions before truly giving them a chance, pushing their resolutions aside and falling back into old habits without putting in the effort and seeing results.

The key to success is specific and attainable goals! If the goals aren’t realistic, then you can never truly believe in them or obtain them.  The only good resolution I can think of is… giving up excuses!  Excuses are the start of bad habits and take you down the wrong path.

Make 2012 the best year of your life by giving up excuses and putting in the time and effort to succeed, you’ll be happy you did, I promise.   We all have more time than we think.  Get organized and stay focused. 

Elevating your fitness levels = Elevating yourself to new heights!