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Stay Away From The TV!

“The average American television viewer is watching more than 151 hours of television per month…20% of their day!”   -According to

This blew my mind when I first came across this information, what a colossal waste of time! And that doesn’t even include how much time is being spent in front of a computer. We sit around stuffing our faces watching mindless show after mindless show and continue to get brainwashed by advertising.

Bottom line is TV is rotting our brains and our bodies!

It’s making us:

  • Fat
  • Lazy
  • Sad
  • Stupid

The solution = Limit your screen time.

I’m not saying completely get rid of your TV, but at the very least cut back.  There are so many other things you could be doing with your time.  Especially in America, where obesity has become an epidemic.  Productivity has been on a steady decline since the advancements in television, this needs to change!

Limiting the amount time spent in front of the “idiot box” will improve and lengthen your life.  Studies have shown:

– People who see an ad advertising snacks, eat more snacks immediately after seeing the ad.  Advertising is created and designed to hit you at a subconscious level, you won’t even think about what you’re doing.  You’re being brainwashed.

– Unhappy people watch more television.  TV pushes aside activities that promote happiness; things like being with friends & family, and Exercising.

Train Smart!