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Stronger Back = Less Injuries

This post is for the runners out there who claim they don’t need to workout because they run…

A healthy back is as important to your running as fit legs.  If your back muscles aren’t strong, they’ll fatigue faster, take energy away from other muscles, and change your stride, which will lead to joint misplacement and eventually injury. 

Take a look at how each of your posterior muscles impacts your performance!

Shoulders/Upper Back

  • Strong shoulders keep your upper body relaxed, work with the arms to help propel you forward, and aid in breathing efficiently.

Proper spinal alignment (good posture) optimizes the function of the nerves, lungs and diaphragm.  Making your body much more efficient.

Lower Back

  • These muscles keep the body erect! They also give you the ability to rotate slightly with each stride, giving your hips and thighs more energy to push you forward. A weak lower back puts tremendous strain on the hamstrings, and IT bands, which I’m sure every runner has had some experience with.   Thus, throwing off your stride and causing injuries to the ankles, knees, and hips.


  • The hips help drive us forward and stabilize while preventing excess side-to-side motion during landing that could strain the back and cause injuries.

Strong hips and posterior muscles will improve all athletic movements!

Which is why I recommend Ketttlebell training and exercises such as deadlifts, bodyweight training and martial arts style movements.  You can improve on all of these skills and move better every time you leave the gym at


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