Monthly Archives: June 2011

Make Progress Everyday Pt.1

I get extremely tired of hearing people saying “I can’t,” whether it’s in regards to a movement or lift, or whatever it may be.  The fact is, most of the time they haven’t even tried!  We’ll never know what we’re capable of if we don’t test it.

As for me, being told I couldn’t do something was always a motivating factor towards me attempting it.  Which through testing has lead to continual improvements in all aspects of life, especially my health & fitness. 

Improvements can always be made.  They can come small bits at a time or in bulk, but they always come.  Improvements are made in multiple ways (density, intensity, volume, etc.).  Remember “Better is Better”, all improvements count. 

Knowing your goals is an extremely important part of life and training.  Without goals, where would we be?  When you have goals in mind it becomes a matter of tracking your progress. This is a simple #’s game.  Keep a training log!

More to come later….