Advocare’s Catalyst is one of my favorite products.


  • Helps maintain muscle mass during exercise and weight management
  • Helps support post-exercise muscle repair and recovery
  • Aids in preserving muscle and energy levels during times of calorie restriction
  • Supports mental energy and focus
  • Contains branched-chain amino acids and L-glutamine, L-arginine, betaine, and taurine

So, if you’re someone who…

  • needs to preserve muscle even when you’ve restricted your caloric intake
  • wants to improve your fitness regimen by enhancing strength and endurance
  • needing an added boost to your current weight-loss program
  • wants to tone, define and preserve your lean body mass

This is the supplement for you!

I’ve had many of my clients try this product and they all swear by it.  Keep in mind there are 3 key factors to healthy weight loss: 1) Nutrition, 2) Exercise, and 3) Supplementation.

Without a proper & nutritious diet and adequate exercise, supplements alone aren’t going to get you the results you’re after.

To find out more, or if you have any questions or comments, contact me at


Also find out how you can receive a discount on all AdvoCare products, just click on the picture below.


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