More Gym Movement

Everyday is a chance to get better!!!

Yet not everyone takes advantage of that fact.  Each and every time I step into the gym, I have one thing in mind… GET BETTER!

The number of success stories coming from THE MOVEMENT are growing rapidly and will continue to do so.  It’s unbelievable, the progress that can be made everyday, simply by listening to your body.  The GYM MOVEMENT protocol focuses on bio-feedback.  Basically you ask your body a question and it gives you an answer.  It’s that simple!

Everything and I mean EVERYTHING we do makes us better or worse!  If we want the fastest, safest results we can get, we NEED to do what is BEST for our bodies.  The protocols teach to test the movements, the tools, the weights, and the duration of the exercise(s). TEST EVERYTHING!!!

Who knows whats better for your body… a rigid set program? or your body? …. YOUR BODY!

Our bodies are the most advanced vehicles known to man, yet we seem to question it’s reactions and pretend like we know better.

Our bodies have many responses to situations, mainly based upon the type of stimuli that is introduced.  EX) The way a hand will pull away from a burning stove, or the fight or flight response.  Our bodies will always go away from pain when it knows what’s coming.  This leads into muscle memory, which will be addressed in another post.

It’s a fact that our bodies lay tissue along lines of stress.  If you continue to stress the body through a specific movement, you’ll become that movement.  We’ve all seen marathon runners, body builders, and obese people, etc…  They become what they practice; if they we’re lined up next to each other it wouldn’t be too hard to place them in their specific category.

We need to learn to train our bodies to perform at the highest functioning levels at all times!

To learn more contact me or some of the other certified movement coaches.  Follow the links on the page or leave comments below.

Train Smart!


Pro Fitness Training – 952-942-7227


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