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Proper Diet!

Proper Diet

A proper diet is the foundation of good health!

As a trainer, I’m constantly asked about supplementation…..

Here’s my typical response:

“Supplementation means nothing without a proper diet and adequate exercise”.

If we don’t have a consistent diet of wholesome foods and the essential trace vitamins & minerals which it provides, we don’t have the fuel or the formula to achieve optimal levels of performance. Most people like to cut corners with their health; trying to run on empty and to tell ourselves that it’s “OK”, “I’m dieting”, “I take supplements”, etc… but all the while our bodies know something different, the TRUTH.

We keep taking from ourselves!

If you run on empty for too long or continually fuel your body with garbage, you’ll reach a breaking point and you’ll stop performing to your normal standards!

The human body is the most complex automated system around!  It will always come back to some form of balance (homeostasis).  It should only be filled with premium fuels! Low grade fuel turns out a low level performance.

Supplements are meant to boost an already healthy body, to “reach the next level”.  Supplements by themselves mean nothing!

I’m by no means saying that supplements are bad…., but people should be educated on what they’re putting into their bodies before they take them.  There are few products on the market that I would recommend.  For my clients I recommend AdvoCare Nutritional products; only once they’ve cleaned up their diet and are looking to take the next step.

When supplements are mixed with a proper diet and adequate amounts of exercise, the outcome is Amazing!

Know what you’re putting into you body and you’ll become more aware of what you can get out of it.  Thanks.

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Diet Info….

Here is some basic diet information that I feel people should know….


Easily the most important building block of muscle.  Your source of protein should be lean and varied and account for around 30% of your total caloric load.  Keep in mind, our bodies can only take in approximately 23-26 grams per sitting, anything beyond that does not get absorbed and is wasteful!  So, all of these protein shakes on the market claiming to give 40+ grams per serving are just a sales tactic used on people who haven’t been informed.

Carbohydrate (Carbs)

Carbohydrate intake should be predominantly low-glycemic and account for about 40% of your total caloric load. Carbs can be a powerful source of fuel for the body, but there is no such thing as an essential carb.  There are only essential amino acids (proteins) and fats (omega 3’s & omega 6’s).


It is very important to monitor your fat intake.  Fats should be predominantly monounsaturated or polyunsaturated and account for less than 25 – 30% of your total caloric load.  Limit saturated fat intake to less than 7% of total daily calories; trans fat intake to less than 1% of total daily calories.  Healthy fats can be found in such foods as nuts, fish, vegetables oils, and seeds.


Calories aren’t bad for you!  Your body needs calories for energy.  It’s become very popular for people to count their calories.  In my opinion, counting calories is a tedious activity and a complete waste of valuable time.    Creating a calorie deficiency can help you lose weight, but can have negative effects as well.  Instead of counting, start working!

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