10 Common Fat Burning Myths

MYTH #1. Weight training will make me bulk up.

Resistance training exercises will tone the body and improve overall fitness in almost all areas. Normal weight training does not build “BIG” bulky muscles. We have been trained to think that lifting weights will make us “slow, bulky, bigger, etc…” The type of movements and amount of weight/reps, will be the determining factors to the outcome of a resistance training program.

MYTH #2. There is a “Magic” pill that will make you lose fat, regardless of how much you exercise or what you eat.

WRONG! Sorry, while there are pills/drugs that are available to aid in weight loss, there is no magic bullet. The available drugs have ridiculously long lists of side effects and must be combined with sensible eating and exercise plans in order to be effective. The best way to go obtain weight loss is through proper nutrition, a regular exercise program, and if need be all natural supplementation.

MYTH #3. If you don’t eat fat, you cannot get fat.

Our bodies are capable of converting any fuel into fat, when it takes in more fuel than we expend in a day. Each calorie consumed is either used by the body or stored, regardless of whether the calorie started as protein, fat or carbohydrate. I personally am not into counting calories (I feel it’s a waste of time), as long as we’re aware of what we are putting into our bodies and keeping up with a regular exercise program we’ll make progress.

MYTH #4. Liposuction, will get rid of my fat.

While liposuction does remove fat cells, our bodies can easily make new fat cells in the same area. If the don’t make them in the same area, due to scar tissue, the body will find a new area to produce them.

MYTH #5. Doing aerobic exercise is the only way to burn off fat.

Doing aerobics, is not substantially better at fat reducing than any other type of exercise. Doing any form of exercise can be a good way to burn fat and stay or get fit. In fact, weight and resistance training builds more muscle, which helps the body to burn fat more rapidly.

MYTH #6. It’s possible to spot reduce, or to lose fat in one specific location of the body.

When the body loses fat, it is lost throughout the body, not just in one spot. Spot reducing does not work! Focusing on one area of the body for exercise may develop better muscle tone in that area making the body part appear tighter and more fit, but it will not remove fat. The best way to reduce fat is to exercise the whole body, in a well-balanced fashion!

MYTH #7. Genes and hormones control your ability to burn fat more than exercise and a proper diet.

Genetics have an impact on each person’s ability to burn fat, although the effect is far less than that of diet and exercise. The factors that we can control are far more important than those out of our control! As soon as we start claiming responsibility for our own actions and accept that we are in control of what our bodies are doing, progress and change can and will be made.

MYTH #8. Eating late at night causes more fat gain than eating at other times of the day.

A calorie is a unit that is used as a measure of the energy released by food as it is digested by the human body. The body accepts calories regardless of the time of day. Same goes for carbs. It is healthier for your digestive system to not lie down right after eating, so it isn’t a bad idea to avoid snacking late at night, but a later dinner will not make you fatter than an early one.

MYTH #9. Your body only burns fat after 20 – 25 minutes of exercise.

For energy, the body uses carbohydrates and fats at all times. Over the course of exercising, the body will use more fat than usual, but the 20-minute mark is not a magic time when the body starts burning only fat. During strenuous activity the body will take energy from wherever it can in it’s system.

MYTH #10. Cellulite is harder to burn than fat.

Cellulite is nothing more than lumpy fat deposits, esp. found in the thighs, arms and buttocks. It is a combination of fat and fluid, close to the upper layers of the skin and its dimply (“cottage cheese”) appearance frustrates & complicates the lives of many people. However, the fat in cellulite is no different from any other fat in the body. Cutting back on carbohydrates, sugars, calories and exercising are the most powerful ways to get rid of fat and/or cellulite. There are surface therapies that may improve the overall appearance of the skin over the cellulite, but they are not permanent.


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