Act now, Grip N’ Rip 2.0 DVD!!!!

Grip N’ Rip 2.0 DVD is available!!!!

Grip N’ Rip 2.0 was the most beneficial workshop I’ve attended thus far! Everyone who attended this seminar has been shattering personal records (PR(S))since implementing the programming that was taught during this mind blowing workshop. I was there to experience it first hand and I’m still ordering this DVD.

Get Better, TODAY!!!

If you want to get faster, stronger, or Better today, you need this DVD.

Are you?

  • Sick of not seeing results?

  • Stuck at a plateau with your current training program?

  • Tired of breaking yourself for minimal gains?

  • Bored with your current training regimen?

  • Looking to make steady improvements everyday/every time you enter the gym?

I know you answered yes to at least one of these questions!!!

What is on the Grip n Rip DVD?

  • Part 1 – Bio Feedback Programming (54 Minutes)
  • Part 2 – Fat Loss & Physique Transformation (29 Minutes)
  • Part 3 – Secrets of The Deadlift (31 Minutes)
  • Part 4 – The Secrets Of Pressing (34 Minutes)
  • Part 5 – The Truth About Grip Training (13 Minutes)

The Grip n Rip DVD is focused solely on how to use biofeedback testing. This testing will give you much better results and you’ll set and break a PR every time you enter the gym. Biofeedback teaches you to listen to your body and determines what exercises are the most suitable for you at that specific moment.

This is your chance to purchase. Act now and CLICK HERE if you are serious about making the fastest possible gains with your fitness program.


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